Top 7 best wordpress themes for 2018

Whenever I make a new website for my clients or for myself the first thing that comes to my mind is what theme should I use. I a making websites for the last 4-5 years. And today i am sharing with you may most favorite and used themes.

Before proceeding Feed this into your mind WordPress themes are more important than your hosting you may use Kinsta but if you use a shitty theme then your website will still load slow. So, choosing a best WordPress theme is a good choice. A good WordPress theme not only makes your website look good but it also makes your website secure and speedy. If you use a poor theme then whatever security you might use, whatever caching plugin you may use your website will still be Slow and Insecure.

1. Divi:

Divi by Elegant Themes is one of the Best WordPress themes I have seen. Especially for beginners, Designers because everyone wants a beautiful website along with Lightning fast sped and the Ultimate security. If so, then Divi is your Perfect choice. We often use Divi on most of our sites. It is the best. So, I would recommend going for Divi. It makes Your site SEO friendly as well as provides you with Unmatched Security and lightning fast speed. But remember that you can never ever switch to another theme if you once selected divi.

2. Astra:

If you want a Really fast Website the I would recommend using Astra. The specialty of Astra is that you can use any page builder really any. This Particular blog is also using Astra theme. The theme  is free to use. If you need some special features then you can customize further with it’s pro addon.

3. OceanWp:

OceanWp is another Great theme which Speeds up your website and gives an Awesome look. It is beginner friendly and most widely used for its Woocommerce functionality. If you have a woocommerce based website then Choose OceanWp because you might not get the functionality, that OceanWp provides for Woocommerce even in a really expensive Premium theme. Again this theme is free to use but for the custom functionality, you have to buy separate plugins. That is available in OceanWp store.

4. Seosight:

Seosight by crumina is the most beautiful theme I have ever seen. Sure you can achieve more beautiful Theme using Divi and Divi builder but you have to do a lot of work here comes Seosight by crumina it is a great theme all the designs and customizations are built in you have to do nothing but install the theme and make a little bit customization and you are Done. Your beautiful website is ready to launch. So, go for it.


If you have a blog then look nowhere just go with boombox. If you want to make a website that looks extremely beautiful and have all the functionality of a good website like reacting on your posts with emojis, Uploading Content, selling products then Boombox might be your first choice. The theme is great and they also provide a 24/7 1-1 support if you get stuck so where. This theme is extremely costumizeable and comes with 12+ prebuilt websites. If you have a blog then what are you waiting for!!!

6. GeneratePress:

GeneratePress is another Great WordPress theme with the features of a Premium theme in a Free theme. Again the theme is free and available in WordPress theme repository if you need further customization and want to make your website look really beautiful then you have to go with the Premium Extensions available in GeneratePress Website.

7. Jevlein:

jevlein wordpress theme

Jevlein theme comes with lots of customization options with it’s beautiful and modern looking UI you can just make any website you can imagine with Jevlein even if you do not have any coding Knowledge. Theme is Extremly beautiful and best for like any website you can ever imagine.

These are the most beautiful and functional theme I have Ever used. Use these theme and let me know in the comments how it feels to you these themes.

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