Your Dream Site Now our Dream Site.

Your Host, Your Site, Our security, Our Maintenance. Do you know that about 1-2 WordPress sites get hacked Every second due to lack of Security, and Not Updating Plugins and themes within few seconds of its release! Some Websites fail to Rank in search engines because of not having enough speed or not using a good CDN. Migrating a WordPress site is a Nightmare right? But all this will not happen to you. We Promise!!! But only if you join us.

Bulletproof security

Our Automated security Monitoring service Montiors your security and we does the rest to fix it. 24×7 because every second counts.

Video Tutorials

Don’t worry if you are new to WordPress Please let us Know and we will Plug Video Tutorials right into your WP Dashboard.

Superfast CDN

Don’t have a cdn because it is expensive, we know it! Our cdn service is tuned for Only WordPress.

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports Delivery right into your inbox every week. With lots of info.

Cloud Backups

We save you site’s backup on S3 and backup our S3 with AWS Glacier. So, no loss of data ever. If you want how your site looked in day one we will have it too.

24x7 monitoring

We monitor you site every mili second not just for uptime but for everything like security, uptime, speed etc.. if any one goes wrong we will notify you immediately

Managed DNS

For the fastest Speed of your website you need a Faster DNS and we know it, so we created Managed and hyperfast DNS service. You choose us we take care everything. Promise!!! 


We optimize your site for Maximum security and speed. Our techniques are different for each server types.

Install WordPress . . .

We Know You can Install WordPress but we are not Kidding!!! What about installing WordPress on VPS, Dedicated Server with the Enteprise level Security. 

Intelligent WAF

When you choose our Enterprise Plan we will provide you with an Intelligent AI based WAF that the big Companies like Amazon, Walmart uses.

Unmatched Support

Wheather it is a VPS problem, WordPress problem we take care of Everything.

Free for Students (comming soon) . . .

We Know the situation of a Stdent so, we give our Dream plan free for Students…

Have a Hacked Site?

We know how it feels when your site is hacked we will clean and Optimize it so, that it never gets hacked ever Promise!!!

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